Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

A native of Yendi Constituency based in United States of America (USA) and only identified by his Facebook name as Manan Jibson has likened the Member of Parliament MP for the area, Farouk Aliu Mahama and the Turkish ambassador as “blind people”.

He made the comments on his Facebook story which was necessitated by steps taken by the MP with the help of Ambassador for Turkey to bring development to the constituency.

“Turkish ambassador in Yendi to identify business opportunities? Kindly Google Turkish economy before you so. Two blind people can’t direct each other”, he wrote.

In a similar post directed at the MP, Mr. Jibson argued that there are over 200 business opportunities in Yendi, adding that the people do not need outsiders to develop the place for them.

According to him, it is totally embarrassing to wait for others to come and show the people of Yendi how to discover business opportunities for them when the leaders cannot do that themselves.

“I can identify over 200 business opportunities in Yendi. The Citi do not need outsiders to do that. That is a shame if the leaders cant do so”, he stated.

There have been rumours of Mr. Manan Jibson having interest in representing the good people of Yendi in parliament in 2024, though it is not yet clear whether on independent ticket or NPP’s.

He has been supportive of some Initiatives in the area to mitigate the poverty situation in the area such as : skills training programs, construction of boreholes, etc.

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