Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

The Northern Regional chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mohammed Baantima Samba, has descended heavily at persons asking him to move back to the North East Region, describing them as “political menopause” and “ignorant” of the NPP constitution.

According to him, the NPP constitution is against such advocacy, and “those saying it are ignorant of our party’s constitutions”.

“The party has a constitutional right and you cannot sit or deny any member from the party his or her constitutional right. If you are seeking a position within the party, tell the people what you will bring on board, but not sack people or asking them to return to their various regions. This is not the constitution of our party, because we need numbers; we don’t remove numbers from our party”, he said.

“May be the young men who are championing it, don’t know the rules and regulations of NPP. But you as an elder of the party, if you ever held a position within the party before, and you violate the constitution of the party, and you are saying ‘this’, are you desperate to lead or you are a political menopause?”, he queries.

Chairman SAMBA made these remarks during an radio interview in Tamale on Saturday 29th January, 2022.

There has been calls by some NPP members in the Northern Region most especially his main contender, asking him to go back to North East Region where he held from, and allowed Dagombas and other tribes within the Northern Region, to lead and manage the affairs of the party.

However, Chairman Samba, who was speaking on a wide range of issues including the upcoming internal elections within the party in the Northern Region, still maintained that, he will make Northern Region as a strong hold of the ruling NPP.

“I have started executing a project in the Northern Region and I need to finish this project. Because, we want to turn Northern Ghana as a strong hold of the NPP, and you know we cannot use four years for this project. I need additional four years to execute this project”, he sated.

Chairman Samba while hitting hard at his opponent also call on all aspirants vying to lead various positions within the party in the region, to ensure a decent campaign, before and after the elections.

The ruling NPP is gearing towards electing its Constituency, Regional, and National executives later this year.

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