Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

A voice note in possession of purported to be coming from a lady based in Upper East Region, whose true identity was not yet clear at the time of publishing this story indicates she doesn’t fear breaking up with men anymore.

According her, she is tired of trying to satisfy men, doing everything to please any man who comes into her life, only for her to find herself at the receiving end of the relationship.

She believed men are naturally insatiable and sadist, and will never get satisfied leaving with one girlfriend, and don’t care dumping you to be with a new-catch, in Ghanaian parlance.

From closer look, she was having a conversation with another lady over the attitude of men towards them, the ladies when she delivered a voice note.

“Sometimes it is not the size of the penis that you will remember and feel pain. It is the style. The wicked fucking they (the men) will fuck you and dump you that will hurt you, not breaking up. Who is afraid of that one again. So now, I will lie down, if you do, do. If you won’t do, forget”, she told her friend, the recipient.

Below is the tape for your hearing:

Meanwhile, this portal is working to get the face behind it for our cherished readers.

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