Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

A group belonging to the New Patriotic Party NPP in the Mion constituency identified as Coalition of Aspirants (CoA) has petitioned the party over an alleged undemocratic behavior of the Constituency Executives ahead of the upcoming constituency elections.

According to the group, the constituency Chairman and his colleagues executives are making moves to impose themselves on the party in the area by going unopposed.

“We the attached signatories are members and candidates for various portfolios in the Mion constituency of the NPP party. By this letter and compliance with article (4) of the party’s constitution, petition your office to take disciplinary action against the chairman and other executive officers in the Mion constituency”, the CoA said.

“This conduct of the chairman if not quickly addressed stands the chance to jeopardize the democratic dispensation of the party and this in the long-run will make the NPP party
unattractive to the electorates in the Mion constituency”, the group added.

Below is the petition in full:

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