Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Mavis Hawa Koomson, Fisheries Minister has urged residents of the Northern Region to support the passage of the controversial E-levy, to enable government complete the ongoing Tamale Interchange project and other ongoing road projects in the Northern Region.

According to her, the Tamale Interchange project and several other roads projects cannot be completed if the E-levy is not passed.

“Today, we are all in Tamale, we have seen the construction of the Interchange, the Interchange, if we don’t pay the contractor, we can’t finish it. Not only the Interchange, several roads in our rural areas are not in good shape… if there’s no money, how can government contract the roads? It cannot” she said, while addressing a Town Hall Meeting organized by government to galvanize public support for the passage of the controversial tax.

When passed, a 1.75 percent levy will be imposed on all electronic transactions that exceed Gh¢100.

This has been met with widespread condemnation and rejection among the Ghanaian public.

Government has been organizing the Town Hall Meetings to educate Ghanaians on the E-levy and court their support.

Madam Hawa Koomson who spoke in her native Dagbanli language, appealed to residents to support its passage.

“so we’re begging you, these monies are going to be used to develop the country for all of us to see” she appealed.

Meanwhile the Tamale Interchange project is funded under the $2 billion China Synohydro deal.

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