Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale Central Constituency, Ibrahim Mohammed Murtala has reacted to the current disturbances with regard to police shooting at Lamashegu Chief’s palace.

Taking to his Facebook page, the Tamale Central Constituency legislator expressed his dissatisfaction about the situation, indicating that the people of Tamale have had it up to their throat.

“The nonsense has to stop and the police must understand that, the people of Tamale will take it no more. Those men in uniform, who committed those barbarous crimes must be brought to book immediately”, the angry MP wrote.

According to’s earlier report, some youth of Lamashegu, a suburb of Tamale became angry and started throwing stones the police threatening to burn down the police station in the area.

The incident which took place this afternoon started when a driver of an unregistered white salon car refused to stop for the police after being signaled by the police patrol team to stop.

One Musah, an occupant of the said vehicle told journalists that because they refused to stop they decided to rather move to the Lamashegu chief’s palace for refuge, DGN online published.

According to him, as soon as they arrived at the Naa Ziblim Abdulai palace compound, the police fired a warning shot which hit the driver in the waist by a female officer.

“When the driver shouted that they have shot him we all got down and runway, later when we returned we were told that they had rushed him to the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH),” he said.

This infuriated the youth in the area and they mobilized at the palace, where the driver of the vehicle was shot, to attack the police who also started firing warning shots that hit another person in the mouth.

One thought on “The people of Tamale won’t tolerate ‘police nonsense’ again ; enough is enough – MP”
  1. Recruiting slayqueens, party foot soldiers and tribe mates to this institutions will worsen the security situation especially in the North. I believe he would have been shot even if he had stopped considering he was running to a chief palace and the police could approach the palace formally. Most of this uneducated nincompoops are drunkards and drug addicts who were only recruited on party, tribal and sexual grounds. This actions reduce the people’s confidence in the security and causes proliferation of weapons in the name of self protection. Tamale will resist this, I can tell but how, I don’t know.

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