Tue. Nov 29th, 2022

There has been anger among a section of youth on various social media platforms over an unprintable words used to describe Northerners and Lamashegu chief’s palace by a police officer identified by his Facebook name as Money K. Koranteng.

Commenting on With All Due Respect – Loud Silence Media’s post that asked, “What is Happening in Lamashegu in
Tamale? #Focus”, one Kalam Frantic said, “Our chiefs in Tamale must rise up, or we the youth will do ourselves. Police brutality is becoming too much.”

Replying to Kamal Frantic’s comment, the police officer identified as Money K Koranteng also said, “Kamal Frantic God will punish you for telling lies here. Nobody brutalized anyone because I’m
here. You abducted a police in your dirty palace and seized his rifle, when re enforcement came you were throwing stone Moa.”

Meanwhile, Justice FM’s Yunus Yirifa wrote :

This is the kind of Police Officers we have, working to protect lives and properties in Tamale.

1. Describes the palace of N-Yab Lamashe Naa as dirty (wonder how his village chief’s palace looks like, must be made of gold and diamonds)

2. Describes the people as “moa” ie, Twi for “animals”.

Does a police officer who thinks the people who pay him to protect them are animals deserve to still be at post?

At a time tensions are so high, with so much anger, would a smart and professional police officer be this reckless?

Though ghdominancenews.com found out the officer commented on a different Facebook post related to the recent police shooting in Lamashegu.

Below is the screenshot of his comment:

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