Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

The North East Regional NPP chairman, Mr. Nurudeen Fuseini, popularly called Chairman Nuru, has urge the people of North East Region, both home and abroad, to rally behind the regional minister, Mr. Yidana Zakaria, to develop the young region.

Chairman Nurudeen, said this when he met a cross section of journalist at his private residence in Langbinsi in the north east region of Ghana, which was monitored by North East Online..

The chairman indicated that, the region is blessed with natural resources, which includes limestone deposits in Gbandaa. He has therefore urge all citizens of North East Region, living in Ghana and abroad, to pool their resources together to form a consortium and mine the limestone for cement producing companies. He also indicated that, individuals and companies with capacities to set up a factory to mine the limestone deposits are welcome to the region.

On tourism, he indicated that, the region has a huge tourism potential and plans are underway to develop those sites in accordance with Ghana Tourism Authority standards.He indicated that, the  famous ancient Naa Jeringa slave wall, the ancient Koma figurines in Yikpabongo, The Gambaga scarp amongst others would be developed to generate revenue and also serves as tourist destinations.

The Chairman in conclusion urge all citizens to be law abiding and live peacefully with each other. He says peace is a necessary requirement to develop the young North East Region.

He indicated that, government won’t  renege on its pledge to provide infrastructural development and the enabling environment for the growth of the region.

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