Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

Renowned radio presenter and MC, Mr. Tell has in a recent interview with Queen Classy claimed that he is the first presenter in Tamale to have played Dagbani songs on drive time show on radio.

According to the sensational presenter, playing Dagbani songs on a drivetime program on radio in Tamale is originally his way. He explained that his predecessors had played western and Ashanti songs on their programs prior to his immerging in the year 2007.

He shared a note that his radio journey was not an easy one as he understudied a lot of his seniors in the radio business, he mentioned that Mr. Nash, Mohamned Abdul Rashid Kawastone, DJ Mezz, Hon. Alhassan Suhuyini and Hon. Iddrisu Habib who are now members of Parliament for the Tamale North and the Tolon constituencies in the Northern region were some of those he understudied.

“I was the first person to have played Dagbani songs on a drive time show on radio in Tamale, before it was always western and Ashanti songs which were played on drive time in Tamale but when I came I played Dagbani songs” he emphatically stated

“I asked myself why Dagbani songs were not played on the drive time shows and that was when I thought I should give it try, I did for the first time and the responds were encouraging” he added.

The Tamale based radio presenter has however disclosed on the program that his status as a mere radio presenter will soon change as his plans are far advanced towards establishing his own radio station.

On the details of his plans and the name he chose to give his ‘soon to come’ radio station, Mr. Tell said he still has not arrived at a name though he is certain that his radio station will be registered or licensed on his own multimedia firm called the Adugalli Multimedia.

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