Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

The King of Dagbong, Ndan’ Yaa Naa Bukari II was on Saturday February 19, 2022 at the wall project of the Yendi Cemetery to ascertain for himself the progress of work thus far. He was accompanied by a high powered traditional delegation.

As he carried blocks to help in the building project, he expressed satisfaction at how the work has steadily progressed and reiterated his unflinching support for the project. Even though he may never lay at the cemetery after death, he is still enthusiastic about finding a befitting place for his subjects in death.

He used the opportunity to thank the people of Yendi for their communal spirit. He also thanked the Yendi Chapter of Dagbong Forum, Islamic clerics in Yendi and the media for their collaborative efforts in getting the project done faster than imagined.

The King from the beginning of the project donated cash sums and other materials to support the wall project. When there was a proposal to expand the cemetery from 40 acres to 85 acres, some of the farmers whose lands were affected vowed not to relocate to allow for the said expansion. Naa Bukari II heard it and immediately sent a delegation to wade off any threat and made it clear to such farmers that as the King of Dagbong, he has endorsed the expansion and so all farmers affected must obey and vacate the lands without any delay.

The leaders of Dagbong Forum and the Islamic clerics thanked the King and prayed for long life and good health for him. They also expressed their gratitude to the people of Yendi and everyone who in diverse ways have helped in bringing the project this far. They continue to seek support to be able to complete the project.

Work at the site is scheduled for every Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 4pm

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