Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

An American philanthropist based, Brian Evans has called on the king of Dagbon, Yaa Naa Abukari Mahama II and the people in the kingdom to use legal actions to address the recent police shooting in Lamashegu, a suburb of Tamale and not allow themselves to be drawn into actions that could make them appear like aggressors in the eyes of world.

He described the police actions as humanitarian crisis, and not Dagbon or Ghanaian crisis, adding that it is unforgivable and should be treated as such.

Below is in full, his statement on the matter:

Sovereign Citizens of Northern Ghana I am the American philanthropist Brian Evans. I am here to make a statement about the Lamashegu Police Incident! First and foremost to the family of Abdul Hakim I would like to say (Ni ti dalmaaa
Nawuni zomo Nanbogu)

I want to be clear that in no way am I calling on the Dagbani people to back down or to forgive the police for their actions. The actions of the police during the “Lamashegu Police Incident” are unforgivable.

However I am calling on all SOVEREIGN CITIZENS to refrain from violence against the police. The police want you to be violent so that they can portray you as the aggressors and themselves as the victims. DO NOT LET THEM WIN!

SOVEREIGN CITZENS I want to be clear.
The “Lamashegu Police incident” is not a Dagbani Crisis. The “Lamashegu Police incident” is not a Ghanaian Crisis. The “Lamashegu Police Incident” is a HUMANITARIAN CRISIS.


Mpuhirisung chani Ndan Yaa Naa sani  Tihi ni morilana and oyaansi zaa

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