Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Former SRC president for the University for Development Studies (UDS), Madam Zeinab Denderi is wondering why the special aide to the vice president, lawyer Akbar Yussif Rohulla Khomeini is condemning those who speak against the shoddy works of the Tamale interchange.

Commenting on the matter on Facebook, the former students leader wanted to know is the vice president’s aide is happy with the works executed so far, comparing it to the ones constructed in Accra and other parts of Ghana.

“Are you happy seeing those houses
directly underneath the interchange? Are
you happy as a person? I need an answer.
You guys are joking with individual lives!!
Put party politics aside!!”, she asked the young lawyer.

Replying to the comments, Akbar said, “I would rather listen to experts than follow the sanctimonious effusions of non

The not too happy Zeinab Denderi later shared a post of lawyer Akbar saying that the entire works regarding the interchange is an insult to the people of the north.

“Put politics and jokes aside, this is a very big insults to the North.  Where in the south have you seen any such project in residing environment?

Have you taken a look at the project from a top view? Such an insult as a reply.. telling us the land required nonsense!! What happens in case of any accident? Can this be done in Accra or Kumasi or anywhere in the south?

The need to compensate these people, in order to demolish the houses and pave way for safety is an urgent action to be taken not useless communique!!”

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