Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The mayor of Tamale, Sule Salifu has thanked the Non Governmental Organizations ; West Africa Centre for the Protection of Animal Welfare (WACPAW) and Eyes on Animals (EonA) for giving the Tamale Abattoir a facelift.

Speaking on behalf of the mayor at an even to hand over the facility, the Metro Coordinating Director, Gilbert Nuuri-Teg told journalists that the NGOs who took it upon themselves to renovate the it had thought of something that did not occur to the assembly even at the time of the construction of the abattoir.

“The mayor has asked me to take over the facility and hand over to the butchers to continue with their work. So first and fore most I will like to really thank your organization for spearheading this work. Because, assembly indeed put up a sort of thing but they never thought of a design like this. All these things should have been factored into the design. But you have been working with various abattoirs and butchers associations, you have seen such designs elsewhere, and you wished that these things are corrected. And you were able to solicit for funds somewhere to get it done”, the metro coordinating director said.

“I will like to appeal to our butchers, who use the facility to take good care of it so that we can prepared wholesome meat to serve the region. Because this is the only abattoir in the north”, he added.

On his part, executive director of WACPAW, Abdul Rahaman Safianu indicated that this is the first face of the project, and that the second face will take care of the parts of the facility that needs renovation.

According to statement by Eyes on Animalson their official website, the construction works will drastically reduce some of the extreme suffering at the slaughterhouse, located in the northern part of Ghana.

The statement further disclosed that Eyes on Animals and WACPAW proposed to the managers of the slaughterhouse two (2) years ago a different design where the cattle would at least suffer less.

The organizations noticed that the biggest problems at the time were the huge open gutters everywhere and slippery floor, making it difficult for the cattle to walk in the Abattoir without falling on the slippery floor, where they get injured before slaughtering.

WACPAW oversaw the reconstruction, the whole floor re-done and gutters will be closed, whereas EonA are the donors.

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