Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

A Tamale based popular motor dealer, Alhaji Fuseini Yenko has reacted to comments by his colleague dealer that he, Alhaji Yenko is the one behind the current situation he had found himself with the Haojue Motor company.

In an interview with journalists speaking for the first time since the controversy broke, he narrated how he linked his colleague to the company only for Oboye to stab him in the back.

According to the not-too happy Alhaji Yenko, he has exercised enough patience, ever since his colleague came between him and the company, Evame Motors Ghana LTD.

He revealed that he introduced Oboye to the company when they needed another dealer to be handling some of their supplies.

And it came to a time when management of the company will ask him, Alhaji Yenko to distant himself from their meetings with Oboye.

He said there was another time he had to be buying from Oboye because the company would not sell the motors to him at a reasonable price.

Evame Motors Ghana LTD has currently terminated further business with Oboye Motor company.

On his part, the country’s director of Evame Motors Ghana LTD, Jules Akpah told this portal that though they still have some motorbikes with Oboye Motors to be paid for, they don’t intend selling motors to him on credit anymore.

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