Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Former Mayor of Tamale metropolis, who doubles as General Secretary hopeful of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Iddrisu Musah (Superior) has refuted the allegations of the incumbent secretary, John Boadu that he is arrogant, saying that he doesn’t understand the meaning of words.

Mr. Superior’s made the comments on his Facebook page today Wednesday, April 27 where he took reply, telling the General Secretary that he is rather “arrogant”.

“John Boadu says l am arrogant and proud. Wow! May be he doesnt understand the meanings of the words. Arrogance is when you deliberately disregard and abuse the mandate of the people. Arrogance is when you think you own the Party and see people contesting you as “nobody”. Arrogance is when you fail miserably as GS, added no value to the party and feel people should sing praises for you”, he wrote.

“Like l said ealier, your performance, record and vision is what the delegates will use to either retain or fire you. We will continue point out the deficiencies in the NPP structure and deliver our message of hope and renaissance to the ABANDONED Party folks. We will explain to the members/supporters of our Party the lack of a coherent plan to support them grow their pontentials. We refuse to go into the gutter with a beleaguered GS who refuses to talk about his record and vision and feels he is entitled to the job without a contest”, the General Secretary hopeful added.

The NPP General Secretary who seeking re-election said on Peace FM with Nana Yaw Kesse that Iddrisu Musah Superior exhibited arrogance and pride as Tamale Mayor and is hence unfit to lead NPP in any capacity again.

According to him, as Mayor of Tamale in the Northern region, Iddrisu Musah, affectionately called Musah Superior was not accessible to the people and exhibited pride and arrogance towards persons who wanted to see him.

John Boadu urged journalists to go to Tamale and ask about Musah Superior when he was Tamale Mayor,  revealing that the former Mayor made no contributions to the party financially.

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