Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Make no mistake, writing or speaking for Anbariya is an obligation. Every other thing finds space in the realm of choice. What is left to be told about a movement birthed and nurtured by a man, Afa Ajura, who stands alone in many ways you appreciate him? An undying legacy currently being administered by an exclusive league of scholars, led by a man, Sheikh Sa-eed, whose appeal repeals all negativity.

The long history of the institute is laden with criticism (mostly misplaced), attack (sometimes assault), vilification, slander, etc. Aware of how these are unavoidable in the establishment of truth, especially in religious significance, leadership across generations has taken them in its stride. When necessary, efforts have been marshalled at responding to fabrications and untruths peddled against the body. Fittingly, there has never been a shortageM of knowledge and resources to do this.

The founder of Anbariya is widely credited with introducing Sunni Islam in Ghana, that is not in negotiation. Headquartered in Tamale, scholars raised and/or inspired by him have created branches across the country, in his supervision. His major objective was to instill the Sunni doctrine in Muslims; an ideal situation of worship where polytheism and innovation make way for monotheism and prophetic traditions respectively. In hindsight, Allaah has smiled on his efforts and those of his soldiers.

Today, the Anbariya Sunni Community is the largest Muslim group in Ghana. Conquests have been made and room remains for later arrivals. It boasts an embarrassment of human resource dotted across the world and enjoys an impregnable dominance of scholarly work in the Northern Region of Ghana. In an era of sectarianism, different schools of thought have sprang to varying degrees of muscle flexing. As unfortunate as sects may be, they inadvertently point to the one true path, for people who are blessed with guidance.

How ashamedly some groups can adopt certain postures! Is it not as interesting as it is laughable, that a certain category of people, birthed in latter years of the Sunni struggle and establishment, after periods of wandering, now seek futilely to discredit Anbariya as Sunni pioneers and tag it as a lost one? It is a collective that completely contrasts with Anbariya in sound principle, hence, the possibility of making like gains is as slim as a whisker.

The identity of Anbariya is hinged on sincerity of intention, truth and deeds for the sake of Allaah. Surely, this is devoid of a heart full of hurt, hate, and envy, clothed in a body that amplifies empty rhetoric and slogans. No group can thrive with this. The penchant for attack even without basis because of overdoing is evident. Luckily, well meaning persons discover the truth and discard the trash. A group worth its value is about structures, working structures.

Mostly, the bone of contention has to do with prayer times or moon sighting. It is a perennial issue. Recently, so much noise was made about the Shawwal crescent. What concerns someone who waits to be fed with another who toils to feed? Anbariya’s time-tested tradition has been to task its Hilal Committee to oversee moon sighting, and they keep track all through the year and release statements of findings, and not only Ramadan or Eid, as opposed to practice elsewhere, if at all it is done.

Knowledge avails guiding principles in every matter of Islamic jurisprudence and theology. If any opinion falls short of expectations as taught by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, there is no need for consideration whatsoever, not least when same is inclined to a major act of worship. In one instance, a group of people from a village give conflicting individual accounts of moon sighting, although they claim to have done so together, creating heavy doubt, upon which no religious obligation can rest.

In another instance, a group of people from a town blatantly refuse to swear by Allaah, to confirm their claim of having sighted the crescent, clearly indicating absolute lack of trust in their witness. Mind you, swearing is a prerequisite to having your witness taken and acted upon, as taught by Prophetic tradition. So where lies the misplaced attacks and unfounded allegations? Or is it a case of the angry man waiting for anything like provocation to act?

Unscrupulous and faceless individuals went as far as visiting the said village to film witnesses and put hypocritic questions before them, just to tarnish the image of Anbariya. Sadly, the unsuspecting witnesses fell for their plan, only to realize later and strive to make amends. Also, half-baked scholars all of a sudden have began giving Islamic fatwa (rullings) on social media in that regard, just because Anbariya is in the mix. Lord have mercy! One thing is clear – some people are out to curtail the progress of Anbariya. Let someone whisper to them that they can never do so. They better spend that time reciting the holy Qur’an or visiting family. There is reward in that instead.

Author : Rossoneri Selecao

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