Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

A group belonging to the New Patriotic Party NPP in the northern region calling themselves  Concerned Youth Groups of NPP has accused the party’s elections committee supervising the 2022 regional executive elections to be held on May 27.

At a press conference by the group in Tamale, it accused the elections Committee for what the members described as “aiding the incumbent executives confuse the delegates” in the upcoming elections. 

“There is every reason to doubt the neutrality and objectivity of the elections committee base on their conduct so far. Firstly, we all know that the position of candidates on the ballot paper is usually determined through non-probability format in line with requirements of justice and equality”, the association said.

“However, to the outmost shock and dismay of the NPP family here in the Northern Region, we woke up to meet a decision of the elections committee to place all incumbent aspirants on the number 1 position of the ballot without any prior discussion and approval from the aspirants. Strangely enough no reasonable excuse has been adduced to back the decision despite the widespread disagreement that was expressed by many party followers in the region”, it added.

The NPP Concerned Youth Groups however commended all non-incumbent aspirants for reluctantly accepting the committee’s decision because saying that it “was enough to bring confusion in the preparations towards the regional elections”.

The group also alleged that the regional minister, who is the REGSEC chairmam, Alhaji Saani Alhassan is going using the state security and private thugs to intimidate party people at the conference venue on May 27.

“We have uncovered a serious plot spearheaded by the no less persons than the current defence Minister, Hon. Dominic Nitiwul, Hon. Regional Minister and chairman REGSEC. Alhaji Saani, Head Security for the Mathew Nyindam among others are colluding with the current Northern regional chairman of the NPP (SAMBA) to flood the venue of the conference with the military as well as other security personnel to intimidate patriots and well wishes of aspirants who will be present at the venue of the commence”,

“Ordinarily, there is no problem with the presence of security personnel at such events but this is normally done devoid of any ulterior motive. The huge disenchantment, disillusionment and dissatisfaction of NPP rank and file in the region against the current crop of regional executives has generated huge interest on the regional contest among sympathizers and members of the NPP in the region”, the group concluded.

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