Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Chief Executive Officer of Buffer Stock Company, Alhaji Abdul Hanan Alubi has appealed to appointees of the Akufo-Addo led government to support New Patriotic Party (NPP) grassroots.

He made the call when he was speaking at the NPP USA national delegates conference in Cincinnati, Ohio on June 4, 2022.

The CEO of Buffer Stock believed if all appointees were to use their positions in government to energize the party base for 2024 elections by supporting and listening to the concerns of the grassroots, it won’t be difficult in breaking the 8.

According to Alhaji Hanan, “the grassroots are the engine of the party that can win us election 2024, so they must be listened to, and taken care of”.

Contributing to a panel discussion, “the footsoldiers CEO”, as he is affectionately called due to his kindness to footsoldiers also advised the party people to be honest and appreciate the efforts and support of the appointees who are doing their best to support.

According to him, some party people have benefited from the the government and yet are found complaining that they have not gotten any support since 2017, some will even benefit and keep quite when others are also complaining.

The Hon. CEO also used the opportunity to reaffirm his believe that, NPP will win 2024  elections with the Nana Addo led track record of massive developments of the key sectors of the economy. He also maintained that unity, honesty and effective communication will be the tools NPP will use in breaking the 8.

Alhaji Aludiba is part of a high powered delegation of government and top hierarchy party functionaries invited by the NPP USA Chapter to their annual conference.

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