Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Host of Bugum Beni drive on Radio Tamale, Halik Musah popularly known as Mr. Tell in the entertainment industry has hinted that he has prepared to launch similar attack on another musician in the industry, after declaring that the total cheat hit maker is dealt with.

Taking to his Facebook page, he wrote that he rumors making rounds indicated the Mangbuni hit maker, Fadilan is preparing a diss song for him, Mr. Tell, stating that he too was well prepared to handle the Boung Bull, as Fadilan is affectionately called.

“Now I’m waiting on FADI, I hear say he want dis me. Harry up bro ADUGALLI NATIONALS are waiting. This year No mercy. But hey don’t go and copy someone song like, the “Zang Ti puu Bia” 1 Down already”, Adugalli wrote.

Tell, who is also known as Sanzali has singly-handedly kept the music industry in the north talking for more than a week since he started criticising Fancy Gadam.

Mr. Tell disclosed that he was truly analysing Fancy Gadam’s absence in the WizChild program until he saw a cover and a teaser of Fancy Gadam’s yet to be released song titled – Nje Vuri, which indirectly was targeting at him with the a paet of the lyrics “Pohim Zugu Da-Nyura (Drunkard Presenter)”.

According to him, this prompted him that Fancy was so emotional in his response to the critique, then he Tell also decided to react in same manner.

Meanwhile, Adugalli has refuted claims that he is a drunkard, promising to silence the one time VGMA New Artist of the year.

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