Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Entertainment presenter with Tamale based Zaa radio, Amidu Abdu Rahim popularly known as DJ Bat has finally given details of the 70 GHC brouhaha between him and Fancy Gadam’s team.

Taking to his Facebook page to respond to recent interview by the trender, G-Face, DJ Bat wrote that the only money he ever took from the Total Cheat hit-maker was 200 GHC to promote his song titled – Biyari Gbani.

“I swear to Allah and to my grave when I die that I never begged fancy Gadam or any of his team member to give me GH70Cedis”, DJ Bat wrote.

“The last time and first time Gadam or his management gave me money was GH200 cedis to promote Biyir Gbani by Fancy Gadam.It was handed over to me by Jamal Bamba at 8pm at his phone shop where he was selling mobile phones at the time”, he added.

The highly incensed Bat could not understand why his colleague, Mohammed Hafiz a.k.a. G-Face  reportedly allowed the artiste to repeat the comments on his TV programme without giving him, the DJ opportunity to react.

“But You G.face you hosted fancy Gadam whiles telling lies on me and you seem not to care or demand for him to clear the air with regards to that allegations, but you where busy laughing.

You never question him to ascertain the fact of the matter and even read the small boys post he disrespected me on Facebook live on TV and you where cool with all that because is me?”, he asked.

Speaking to in 2019, he indicated that he would never forgive Fancy Gadam unless he formally apologizes to him for lying he (DJ Bat) begged him for ¢70.00.

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