Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Host of Bugum Beni drive on Radio Tamale, Musah Abdul Halik widely known as Mr. Tell has broken his silence on the recent attack on him by youger brother to Fancy Gadam over his sever criticism of the artiste and song titled – Zangti Puu Jaaki.

Speaking for the first time on live Facebook broadcast, Adugalli as he is also known said he deliberately refused to fight back when his attacker, Mansib Bello was throwing punches at him.

“I swear if I can’t beat Mansib and his brother Gadam to death, God should punish me”, he said this Sunday’s evening, July 3.

“It was calculated attempt by me not fight back. Because I saw one of the 3 macho men who came to attack me start videoing the actions. So I decided not to fight back. Because this is an evidence that I was attacked”, he added.

According to him, he was met by the trio somewhere in town, and upon realizing that they prepared to attack him, he decided not to react to make it deny him justice in the law court.

Sanzali said it was because he is a law-abiding and peace-loving citizen, that is why he using the legal process to deal with Fancy Gadam and his brother.

He explained that Mansib Bello is currently on the run trying to avoid arrest by the police, and that alone is enough punishment.

In a video widely circulated on social media, Mr. Tell was seen helpless, as the attacker was throwing punches at him.

“This comes a few hours after the presenter released a diss track to one of northern Ghana’s biggest music export, Fancy Gadam”, reported.

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