Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

A loud cry was heard coming from the grassroots of the Osono kokroko party across the length and breadth of the country. It was a call for an end to an era and the beginning of a resurgence capable of resuscitating the comatose enthusiasm and expectations of the rank and file of the center-right Danquah-Busia-Dombo political tradition, which currently is recovering from a post-traumatic distress disorder engendered by deep-seated segregation between party and government since the party’s famous victory in 2016.

Delegates of the NPP converged at the Accra Sports stadium to pick the next crop of leaders capable of arousing new zest, fresh hope, and vitality to rejuvenate the base of the NPP from Keta to Jirapa, from Jomoro to Pusiga. Reverberations and echoes of loud chants, “We want change! We want change!” emanating from the popular stands of the stadium gave early indications of signs of victory for JFK, the incumbent General Secretary’s strongest contender.

Low and behold, the ballots were counted, and the immaculate wish of the grassroots was granted. History was made and unmade. The hardworking and experienced John Boadu who led the elephant army into two battle victories had to now make way for fresh limbs. Justin won, and John lost.

Many tacticians in JFK’s camp played diverse lead roles in masterminding the defeat of the incumbent general secretary. One of such brainboxes of the JFK campaign in particular who has been receiving a tsunami of congratulatory messages on social media for his outstanding show of loyalty, servitude, consistency, hard work, bravado, and perseverance is Alhassan Abdul Ganiyu, popularly known as “Ganiyu”.

Ganiyu is a metaphorical baobab seed sown in Tamale ochrosols and later transplanted into Ashaiman soil. He is a make-up of true bravado and dynamism, whose gift of persuasion, positive aggression, eloquence and diligence contributed massively to the fortunes of the JFK campaign.

One Fuseini Safianu Mandeya posted this on his timeline: “This dude Ganiyu Diboriyom Alhassan can die for what he believes in. The newly elected General Secretary of the NPP should be proud to have him. Somebody should show the “chama. Cham nimaani” video to JFK.”

Another Godfred W.M. Atanga in a Facebook post says, “For hours, neither the EC official nor the police officers at the northern region polling station area could prevent ‘Chairman Samba’ from interfering with the process after casting his vote. He positioned himself so close to the booth for GS to ensure that the delegates voted for his preferred candidate. As soon as JFK’s Ganiyu showed up at the scene and shouted, “Chairman Samba, why?! Wulah!” The troublesome chairman ate humble pie and stopped his machinations immediately. Everyone including the police officers were so impressed with what Ganiyu did.JFK garnered 177 votes as against JB’s 97 at that polling station. Thanks to Ganiyu’s timely intervention and vigilance.”

Iddrisu Salifu Protocol posted on his Facebook wall, “Ganiyu Diboriyom Alhassan, your sacrifices and great show of martyrdom has paid a good dividend.” Bil Parawin says, “we’ve not met but monitored how had he’s fought for this JFK victory. Ganiyu Diboriyom Alhassan you deserve all the accolades you’re receiving.” A Majeed Nas says, “Ganiyu Diboriyom Alhassan, you have shown loyalty and it came to pass. Congrats to the team and NPP. Now we are ready to break the 8.” A Facebook user by name Silencer De Escober says, Congratulations to Ganiyu Diboriyom Alhassan. You and JFK started from far. Hard work and loyalty really pays, its our prayers that this victory brings more wins to our lives.”

Nonetheless, Mr. Ganiyu calls for forgiveness and reconciliation within the NPP fraternity. He says that we have a party to protect and manage, hence supporters of JFK should underguard their excitements, jubilations, utterances, and social media comments with caution, love, and empathy.

Source : kasapafmonline

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