Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

Morning Show host of Yendi based Sankara Radio, Shaharan Suhuyini has debunked allegations by his former colleague, Sayibu Mashud who is widely known as DJ Dollar that the latter left the station because “management failed to  fulfill the promises made to the staff”.

Shaharan who used a segment of his time today Monday, July 25 to respond to the comments by Dollar said the former Lunch Time host messed himself up in the community, and it was due to that he found it difficult to leave there, but chose to run back to Tamale.

According to him, his former colleague was being ungrateful when he said on Zaa TV’s programme dubbed – Zaa Kootu that the station’s management reneged on its promises when in actual facts it his own undoing that caused his exit from the place.

“It is not about management’s inability to pay the staff you (DJ Dollar) left. Even the month resigned from Sankara Radio, he was paid. And as we speak, those of us still working were paid in June. And it is only in this month of July that we have not received our salaries. But, the month has not yet ended” he said.

“So it is completely falsehood. Highly unfortunate he said that payment was an issue. Sankara has paid us up to date. If so, why will i still remain here in Yendi leaving my family in Tamale?”, Shaharan wondered.

On the station’s car that used to send them to and fro between Yendi and Tamale on weekends, Shaharan disclosed that it was not management that seized the it and decided that they should not use it as alleged by Dollar, but it was Abukari Naporo, whose activities in Mion could not  permit him to drive them again.

According to him, even before Naporo sought permission to campaign in Mion for his youth organiser elections, Dollar was no more depending on the car for transportation, but chose to rely on his motorbike, saying that he preferred it to the car.

“We all know debts is one of the reasons why you left here. The bike you got, you didn’t pay fully. The owner was chasing you left right centre. But i won’t go into nitty-gritty of it. But if he dares challenges it, i will bring one of the people here to speak on it. No Sankara Radio. Not payment. Not even transportation that led to your exit. No! You messed yourself up in Yendi”, he told the listeners.

“One other major reason why you are no more in Yendi is because of your relationship with a lady who was being married off to a man. They didn’t like the idea. They warned you. Assaulted you and seized your motorbike. This is why you are not in Yendi”, he concluded.

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