Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

The General Secretary of NPP, Justin Frinpong Kodua on behalf of the party has made a directive requesting all former executives of the NPP from constituency to national to return the party’s assets in their possession with immediacy.

In memo signed by Justin Kodua and released on yesterday Tuesday, August 2, the NPP said it was as a result of the concerns by the newly elected executives that they were having challenges with regards to manning their offices simply because their predecessors were still keeping the vehicles.

“Acting on the instruction of the National Steering Committee of the New Patriotic Party at its meeting on 26th July, 2022, I write to inform you that, you are humbly requested to return the Party vehicle and
any other Party assets in your possession if any, to the Party”, he wrote.

“This has been necessitated by widespread concerns and complaints by the current executives to the effect that some of their predecessors (i.e. immediate past executives) still have in their custody, vehicles and other items that were allocated to Party offices to enable executives perform their administrative functions and responsibilities efficiently”, he added.

The memo said the defeated executives at the constituency level who are still holding on to the assets should return them to the regional executives, whereas the regional return theirs to the national executives of the party.

According to party, the unavailability of these assets has rendered the newly elected executives of the party handicapped in the performance of their duties, which development is adversely impacting the conduct of party activities.

As has been the norm, executives are permitted to use assets of the Party but cannot assume ownership of same upon leaving office.

In the light of the foregoing, the Party is by this notice, giving a one-week ultimatum to all such former executives to comply with this directive.

See the memo below:

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