Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Mallam Alhassan Dawud an Islamic scholar on Wednesday 3rd August 2022, has shared his displeasure on most young men who waste time by sitting at ‘base or ghettos’.

Speaking on Baina Tv morning show Tsarin Safiya, the Islamic scholar said the habit of most married  men who sit at the ‘base or ghettos’ is the cause of lots of societal vices in zongo
communities today.

Mallam Alhassan Dawud  advised married men to stay home and have fun with their wives rather than wasting their time sitting at ‘bases’ doing nothing.

”It’s better for you to stay home with your wives and suck their breast than waste your time at the ‘base’ which leads to divorce in some cases.”

He concluded by saying, what irritates him the most is the fact that, when these young people are asked why they sit at bases, all they say is that they benefit from sitting at ‘bases’ because it inspires them and also bring about togetherness.

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